We care about Sustainability

Europe is the first continent in the world which is going to be climate neutral continent by 2050. In terms of energy, in particular, gas sector, the huge changes are planned approaching the phase out of natural gas use

Reneron is going to be a part of sustainable resource revolution. We dare to be in the driver seat to completely change the present situation towards sustainable, local, green gas production future

Reneron will contribute to European ambition towards climate neutrality by producing sustainable energy in CEE region. Reneron business model is green to the core. We are working hard to constantly improve our sustainability profile. The goal is to ensure that our production is climate neutral and completely circular

While applying Reneron know-how and deploying the modular biogas technology, we rescue low-value organic waste from its final stop at the incineration plant or from the landfill and put it back into a life cycle where it becomes new products in the form of green energy and biofertilizer

Our energy efficient process upgrades organic waste to energy and biofertilizers, which are being recycled back to the soil. This is an example of upcycling, where existing materials and resources are transformed into products of greater quality

Reneron is developing different technologies in order to increase the organic waste anaerobic treatment potential. To push up recycling rates, we need a new technology that is able to treat the organic waste at the locations where it is generated in smaller amounts. By adding these improvements to the Reneron’s portfolio we will lead the biowaste to green energy concept towards new direction of decentralized biomethane production

Although small organic waste generators, like small farms, currently spread their waste directly on the fields, energy is wasted. Our small modular biomethane production plants will be able to manage organic waste and store energy from biomethane. Biomethane logistics will be launched as the module will regularly collect compressed biomethane

Reneron participates in the economic and social revitalization of territories through investments aimed at improving the quality of life, well paid jobs creation, strengthening the attractiveness of the remote territories

  • By 2021 Reneron will produce carbon negative footprint
  • By 2021 Reneron will be present in 3 countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Poland)
  • By 2022 Reneron will create jobs for operators, engineers, managers, scientists and ambitious leaders
  • By 2025 Reneron will deploy biogas production technology in more than 30 locations

Reneron reduces the environmental footprint of CEE region:
In Latvia 20k tons CO2 eq/a emissions avoided by 2021

  • In Lithuania Reneron will avoid 69k tons CO2 eq/a by 2023
  • In Poland Reneron will avoid 69k tons CO2eq/a by 2023
  • In Poland Reneron will avoid 139k tons CO2eq/a by 2025

Reneron produces sustainable products and green energy for all:

Reneron enables its customers to consume better in order to consume less. With its turnkey solutions, its experts and assistance to the local farmers, Reneron promotes access to the renewable biobased fertilizers and  green energy

Employment: green energy is a sector of the future.

Reneron will employ a number of specialists across the CEE countries in order to deliver the excellence for the green energy sector both at the urban and rural areas across Europe

Constant Team training and striving for excellence in performance is the approach Reneron values greatly


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