Powering the green gas future.

Reneron is a renewable energy company focused on biogas and biomethane business development and operations. Biogas is a tool for us to treat organic wastes in sustainable way and convert it to green energy and organic biofertilizers

The Reneron team has successfully accumulated experience, human resources and ”know-how” to become the leader in organic waste transformation to green energy industry

With more than 20 MWel. in our portfolio of completed and commissioned biogas power plant facilities (landfill, food waste and agriculture biogas), we have accumulated valuable experience, which let us to become the leading green gas company in the Central Europe market with its own portfolio with operating biogas power plants. The first step was done on January 2020 when the first two biogas plants were acquired in Latvia

About us & our process


The continuous aspiration of designing and building the low-carbon future

When contemplating how organic waste treatment can be more environmentally friendly, most people immediately think about sorting it. At Reneron, we go further. To us, true sustainability means making sure our entire organic waste treatment process takes the environment into account from the very beginning to the end, thereby ensure to our partners that the waste they produce makes minimal environmental impact. That includes using recourses in most efficient way while producing clean, sustainable and renewable energy



Reneron helps to build a circular economy model for organic waste treatment that increases efficiency of utilisation resources and reduces emissions

environmental impact


Powering the green gas future.

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