Waste to energy experts.

The powerful green energy solutions

Reneron is a renewable energy company focused on biogas and biomethane business development and operations. Biogas is a tool for us to treat organic waste in sustainable way and convert it to green energy and organic biofertilizer. Currently Reneron is active in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland markets. We are always looking for new opportunities to make green business in the new markets


To make the world greener and cleaner


Reneron is the leader in green energy production and organic waste treatment sector towards more sustainable renewable and green energy generation with an absolute minimum impact to Earth and to Our environment

In order to reach our goals we are constantly expanding our activities in the sustainable energy production sector by developing new projects, implementing new technologies and optimizing our current activities

Reneron activities and ambitious plans lead us to ever – increasing annual CO2 savings, while enabling even more sustainable energy production and organic waste recycling in the Central Europe and other part of the world

What biogas based energy business consist of:

  • Feasibility (maximize techno-economical potential)
  • Project development (permits, tariffs, connections, feedstock)
  • Finance structuring
  • Project management
  • Technology and design
  • Construction management
  • Start up and operation
  • Maintenance management
  • Feedstock management

The Technology.

The continuous aspiration of designing and building the low-carbon future

When contemplating how organic waste treatment can be more environmentally friendly, most people immediately think about sorting it. At Reneron, we go further. To us, true sustainability means making sure our entire organic waste treatment process takes the environment into account from the very beginning to the end, thereby ensure to our partners that the waste they produce makes minimal environmental impact. That includes using recourses in most efficient way while producing clean, sustainable and renewable energy

Reneron’s fundamental idea is to solve organic waste treatment problem by transforming organic organic waste into energy products such as electricity, heat or biomethane and high quality biofertilizer. In order to materialize it we use our own technology

Our Technology

Reneron is unique due to its advanced biogas production technology that forms biomethane molecules in efficient manner. Optimized CAPEX, precision in biogas daily operations, process control know-how are the factors delivering efficiency to Reneron based biogas approach

10 years of continuous technology concept development combined together with construction, maintenance and operation of biogas power plants resulted containerized biogas technology solution allowing to digest complicated profile organic waste. This gives us the ability to produce sustainable energy in the form of heat and electricity or biomethane and satisfy a constantly growing market demand. Furthermore, once energy is being extracted, our end product is high quality organic biofertilizers which allows us to close the circle

Reneron’s technology qualifies to treat major types of organic waste that contains complex structures

The technological advancement and precise tracking for process parameters allows us to ferment complex organic waste fractions while achieving up to 10% higher process efficiency and control the loading strategy of different waste inlet streams. Additionally, the competent setup of technology installation results up to 14% OPEX reduction

The process.

After receiving hundreds tons of different organic waste in solid and liquid forms we load such waste into our developed digestion systems for further treatment

When the mix of feedstock is selected, the waste streams are loaded into pretreatment stage

Pre-treatment strategy comes from our experience of operating biogas plants. That is where application of waste stream size reduction, enzymatic pre-treatment, thermal pre-treatment or multistage pre-treatment are the options our technologists usually approach

After pretreatment, the homogenic energy rich biomass source is pumped into the bioreactors, where the waste is being converted into biogas molecules by microbiology driven anaerobic fermentation process

Our process