The Challenge.

There are some challanges we face

The organic waste is the type of waste that once treated properly can generate both energy and biobased fertilizer. It’s the world’s fastest growing renewable source of energy, and we are not utilizing it. Why? As the food demand is growing, more and more food waste is being generated.  Another reason is that more and more plastics is replaced as biodegradable plastics, which of them end up as biowaste. Why is that we are not closing the loop then?


Biowaste without proper treatment technologies is virtually worthless. In fact, if not treated properly biowaste is a hazard for our environment. When biowaste decomposes quickly, the large amount of green house gases is emitted. The greatest challenge is that the industries that make biobased products great to use, also make it a huge threat to the environment once it becomes biowaste. Due to lack of technologies deployed, we are therefore only able to treat approximately 10% biowaste worldwide