Why to choose Reneron.

The short story about us.

Short history.

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The continuous aspiration of designing and building the low-carbon future of our regions

When contemplating how organic waste treatment can be more environmentally friendly, most people immediately think about sorting it. At Reneron, we go further. To us, true sustainability means making sure our entire organic waste treatment process takes the environment into account from start to finish, thereby giving our customers more confidence that the waste they produce has minimal environmental impact. That includes using recourses in most efficient way while producing clean, sustainable and renewable energy.


Ever since, Reneron’s fundamental idea has been to solve the world’s organic waste treatment problem by transforming organic biomass into energy products such as electricity, heat or biomethane and high quality biofertilizers. This is Reneron’s contribution to more sustainable waste treatment and renewable energy production across the planet. 

The process.

After receiving hundreds tons per day of different organic waste in solid and liquid forms, which are inspected for quality, we load such waste into our developed digestion systems for further treatment. 

When the mix of feedstock is selected, the waste streams are loaded into pretreatment stage.

The biogas plant operators and technologists decide the pretreatment process strategy. That is where application of waste stream size reduction,  enzymatic pretreatment, thermal pretreatment or multistage pretreatment are the options our technologists usually approach. The pretreatment strategy comes from our R&D and >10 years experience at the operating biogas plants.


After pretreatment, the homogenic energy rich biomass source is pumped into the large volume bioreactors, where the waste is being converted into biogas molecules by microbiology driven anaerobic fermentation process.

The produced energy utility is delivered to the grid as sustainable baseload energy commodity.


As for the conventional biogas plant operators, the leftover of biogas production process (the digestate) is directly applied onto the arable lands. At Reneron, we continue. We are developing the organic biofertilizer production, allowing us to upgrade the digestate towards high quality biofertilizer product. In this way, at Reneron instead of absolute pollution, we make sustainability the result rather than the direction.

The complex metabolism of organic polymers requires technical, analytical, biochemical and mechanical engineering competences. This is the core strength of Reneron.


At Reneron we use an efficient biowaste logistics, planning and biogas power plant management system. The overall process management is done by Reneron developed biogas plant management IT solution ensuring precise process technical, biochemical, economical, carbon footprint tracking via AI assisted algorithms.